Guitar Lessons During COVID

I am now offering individual lessons via Skype or Zoom so please get in touch via my contact page. I also envisage offering short courses in the near future to kick start beginners and at even more affordable prices with small group lessons so that people get an idea of my teaching style and get a fast track approach to learning with some peer support and encouragement. If you would be interested in signing up for this, please contact me via the contact page.

Keeping motivated

Sometimes motivation may be a problem with creating and practising your music. I go along with the notion that there are many ways to do this. Simply listening to music can be inspiring so if you don’t feel like playing your instrument, have a browse through your CD collection or online sources to find something new to lend an ear to. Since music is all about listening and replicating what you hear it is a good way to acquire new skills in transcription. Try working out the chords you hear and sing the melody lines then try to play them. Don’t pressure yourself as truly creative moments are inspired and tend to happen when the mind is not subject to stress. Doing something different can help motivation… So just like doing a crossword puzzle, really listening to a piece of music and working out what’s happening can inspire your own creative process. Above all though, make it fun!


People often ask me how much practice should I do?
The answer is really as much as you like but I tend to think that it is more about the quality of practice really. I think a good start is to warm up with a few scales or finger exercises and perhaps a tune you already know and then try to learn something entirely new. If you can get an hour per day that’s not bad but beginners may be better doing short bursts as there is a tendency to press the strings down overly hard to start with which can cause discomfort and calluses. Bad posture can also lead to sore wrists, neck and back so if you are experiencing any of these get in touch for some advice on how you are holding your guitar as the early correction will increase your enjoyment of playing and enable you to practice for longer.

Guitar lessons in Camborne

Welcome to Camborne guitar lessons. Whether a total beginner, intermediate or advanced guitarist I can help advance your playing with structured lessons which will be enjoyable and fun. I charge £20 an hour or £10 for half an hour. I offer weekly or fortnightly lessons and a generous discount for block bookings. I am currently offering face to face lessons online via Zoom or Skype, please contact me via the contact page to book your lessons.